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Mission Statement:
“The mission of the corporation is to support and benefit the Department of Family Medicine at the University of  Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa, and to support other qualified charities in the Tulsa area community."
 Grant Support:
Founders of Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. provides secondary charity support in the form of grants to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations within a 75-mile radius of TulsaGrant requests should be for one-time needs that will be acquired within twelve months of receiving the grant.  Generally no consideration is given to requests for new or existing operating, salary or maintenance expenses, reimbursement of expenditures made prior to receipt of our grant, travel or trips, improvements to property owned by another entity, grants to benefit another entity, churches, capital campaigns, multi-year commitments, loans, or endowments.  Requests from religious or educational entities must have 501(c)(3) status separate from a church or public school and be able to provide a current tax 990.
By making application to Founders of Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. all organizations agree that, if awarded a grant, they will sign an “Expenditure Agreement,” a contract required by the IRS.  Items stipulated in this contract include agreement that your organization will hold our grant award in a restricted account, will be the sole entity that manages all transactions and disbursements for the granted project, and will submit an “Accountability Report” itemizing the grant with copies of checks and invoices within 12 months of receiving an award.  It is our policy to recapture any misappropriated or unused grant monies.

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